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The Magic Bus of IWC Transforms Lives in Mumbai

A limited special edition watch has been released to benefit the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation; IWC is committed to helping disadvantaged children the world over. The Ingenieur Automatic from the IWC Vintage Collection is the model selected for this benevolent gesture and is known as the Igenieur Automatic Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. This is the fifth year the company has participated in this cause. The past two years the Portuguese Automatic model was highlighted. In 2008 the DaVinci Chronograph was the selection, in 2007 the Pilot's Watch Chronograph Automatic and in 2006 the Portuguese Automatic was the special edition. The watch selected for 2011 is a stainless steel design with a blue dial and is limited to 1,000 pieces.

A children's drawing competition was organized by IWC and the winning design is engraved on the case back of the watch. The design winner selected is an eight year old from Mumbai named Sohel Abrar Khan. The boy drew his interpretation of the theme "Time for Unity" with a picture of seven people who have come together to play football. Proceeds from the sales of the watches help disadvantaged children in some parts of the world that are problem areas. The watch that was selected is a classic timepiece inspired by the Ingenieur Automatic created in 1955 that was considered revolutionary for its time. This modern tribute to a classic is powered by IWC 80111 calibre, Pellation winding system and an integrated shock absorption system. It is water-resistant to 12 bar and has a screw-in crown.

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation provides a program called the Magic Bus for children living in poverty in India; the children from Mumbai are some of the poorest in the country. This watch gives those children hope for a better life, the money from the sales is used to teach the children to use sports to show them another path in life. The outdoor programs are available to children from 7 to 18 and leaders from the community show these children their value and purpose in life and how they can make a difference in the world. Currently over 150,000 children living in poverty are being worked with, the goal is to reach one million.

The Magic Bus project is one of over 80 projects supported by Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. Over one million children have been assisted who are victims of HIV/Aids, racism, drug addiction, discrimination, violence, war, homelessness and poverty. The universal language of sports aims to help these children to find their way out of their problem situations, the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation can be found all over the world in places such as Sri Lanka, South Bronx in New York and the slums of Uganda. IWC watches are helping the children of the world with this wonderful program.