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Guide to Choosing the Right Golf Clubs - Useful Advice For Begin

Taking up golf can be a confusing challenge for those who have little or no previous knowledge of the sport and what clothing and equipment is required to start playing the game.

This guide helps to outline a few general rules of thumb to get your golf off the ground and competing with friends and colleagues in no time.

I need some golf clubs, where do I start? Choosing the right golf clubs is something that not everyone is going to be familiar with. There are 4 types of golf club that are all used throughout different stages of the game.

Woods Designed to 'drive' the ball long distances down the fairway. Most wooden clubs tend to be longer and traditionally have a large wooden head for maximum speed when striking the ball. More modern woods use metal or carbon fibre heads instead of wooden as they prove to be lighter but still retain the speed and accuracy achievable by older wooden clubs. Despite the change of materials, they are still referred to as 'woods.'

Irons Irons are golf clubs which are shorter than woods, with a flat angled face. Irons are designed for shots that are closer to the hole where woods are not required. They are also designed to be used in rougher ground where it can be difficult to strike the ball, such as in long grass.

Wedges Wedges are similar to irons, in the way they are designed, however the angle of the head of the club is far steeper. Wedges are designed for smaller shots where you require more height due to an obstacle such as a tree. They also prove useful approaching greens that are on a slight slope where you need to stop the ball from rolling away from the hole.

Putters Putters are used on the green to role the ball into the hole. The head of a putter is flat (no more than 10 degrees) and used once the ball is on the green.

Should I buy brand new golf clubs or second hand ones? Golf clubs may not be as expensive as you may think, gone are the days where golf was an exclusive game played by high earners. Buying second hand golf clubs will nearly always be the most cost effective way of obtaining them on a shoestring budget but buying new clubs does have the advantage of them coming with a full manufacturers warranty, so you are protected should they get damaged.

If you are new to the sport, it is always best to use equipment that is tailored to helping you learn the sport that doesn't drain your bank balance. Golf isn't a game that is designed for everyone, so just in case you decide that you do not wish to continue the sport once you have started, you will have not wasted too much money by buying affordable golf clubs and equipment.

The golf clubs in my local golf shop are quite expensive, where is the best place to buy golf clubs? As with a lot of consumer goods, shopping online proves to be considerably cheaper than buying on the high street. There are lots of online stores selling golf clubs and other equipment at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.