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Brand - Bvlgari

Bvlgari perfume caters to the upper crust customers, who believe that when it comes to quality, there is no compromise. The clientele for the brand includes people who keen to own the best products, and do not mind paying good money for them. These days, this brand's fragrances are within the grasp of people belonging to the middle and upper middle classes as well, because the earning power of this strata of society has increased considerably, and they can afford to indulge in luxuries much more than ever before.

Bvlgari perfume started out in the year 1994. Considering the company is about a hundred and twenty-five years old, this may seem to be quite a late development, but it surely has been worth the long wait. The perfume manufactured by the brand ranks among the best throughout the world. This is because the finest of ingredients are used in their preparation, and they are also packaged beautifully. The Bvlgari house manufactures perfumes exclusively for men, those specifically for men, and also fragrances which can be used by both genders. One of the signature scents meant for women would be 'Rose Essentielle'. This is a very feminine scent, which exudes softness and grace. As the name implies, the main ingredient here is the rose flower. Or more specifically, oil sourced from the flower. It is expensive, as two tons of the flower petals are needed to prepare just an ounce of oil.

Another popular perfume is the Jasmin Noir, which is also meant for women. It is a floral fragrance, with woody base notes. It is elegantly packaged in a black and gold bottle. A popular fragrance for men is Aqua Pour Homme. It has notes of pepper, cedar and oak moss which give it a fresh, yet strong, masculine scent.

The perfumers at the Bvlgari Company are experts in their field, and have vast and in-depth knowledge about fragrances. They source a variety of scents not just from their base, which is Switzerland, but also from many regions all over the world. This is what makes every Bvlgari perfume so special, and unique. Also, the packaging of the fragrances is very attractive.

This has the benefit of goading a prospective customer more to make the purchase, as the beautiful bottles would be a fine sight on the dresser. Some bottles are clear, while some are made of dark opaque glass.